TRACK: Volunteering FAQ's

Q: Why are there mandatory volunteer hours?

A: Running the club requires a lot of volunteers. There are many different jobs on and off the track. Also, the amount of work required to host a meet is enormous and requires help from everyone. For this reason, there are mandatory volunteer hours required from EACH family. A $200 Volunteer Deposit is collected at registration and will be refunded at the end of the season for families who complete the required hours. Please volunteer. We'd much rather have you than the money!

Q: How many volunteers does it take to run a meet?

A: For every home meet, we require approximately 120 volunteers to ensure the meet runs efficiently. We have many different jobs and shifts. If you're unable to work at the meets we also have a limited amount of non-meet jobs. See the "Volunteer" tab under "Programs - Track & Field" for more details.

Q: How do we qualify to get our volunteer deposit refunded?

A: Volunteer deposits will be refunded at the end of the season for families who: Complete at least 15 hours of volunteer time, for the TO Flyers, during the regular season AND work one shift at each "EXTRA" meet that their child(ren) participates in.

Q: What are Regular Season Hours?

A: These include working during home meets and / or non-meet day positions, including the Awards Picnic. Hours can be completed by any adult family member linked to your account. Meet day shifts are usually 2.25- 2.5 hrs. A few are longer and Hurdles Crew is 30 minutes. This is a good shift for those working Set-Up, but not signed up for a Shift #1 somewhere else. See Volunteer tab for more information. Shift end times listed on the sign ups are approximate. They depend on the meet flow. The exact times are taken from the sign in/out sheets from each event. It's important to check back frequently for updates on your hours remaining. Contact with any questions.

Q: Can I work a double shift or have another family member work at the same meet?

A: Yes. Some people may not be able to attend all the meets so choose to work double shifts in order to get their hours in. Any adult family member assigned to the family account can volunteer at the same time. Responsible siblings (15+ yrs) may also be able to volunteer, in addition to an adult family member, but they will need permission from Director of Volunteer Operations or another Board Member. 

Q: Can I plan ahead and book all of my shifts for the whole season?

A: The main positions are posted for the season and can be booked on a week to week basis or all at once, so you can get your preferred position and shift time. With the exception of a few jobs that have special requirements and need to be approved by the Director of Volunteers, the shifts are first come, first serve. Plan to book early!

Q: What are the "Extra Meets"

A: These include the Junior Varsity (JV) Finals, the Varsity Finals, and the Co-Conference (Super Varsity). All clubs are expected to assist in the meet management as assigned prior to the meet by the Conference Finals Director. Failure of a club to provide enough volunteers to cover the assigned jobs will result in a $250 fine.

Q: How will I know how many hours I have signed up for and completed?

A: On the website, you will be able to view how many regular season hours you have signed up for, how many you've completed, and how many are still left. These are an estimate and may be adjusted according to the sign in sheets. Any required "EXTRA" meet shifts are not included in this total. They will be manually tracked by the Director of Volunteer Operations and are dependent on athlete participation. You will be contacted regarding volunteering at the extra meets once your child's coach has confirmed their participation in the meet.

Q: Do you pro-rate refunds if I only complete some of the required hours?

A: There are NO pro-rated refunds for partial hours completed.

Q: When will we receive our volunteer deposit refund if we complete all of the requirements?

A: Refunds will be processed by June 15th, unless notified otherwise, via the payment method used during registration. Refunds may take 3-7 business days to show up on your account or statement.  Please email if you don't see the refund by June 25th.

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