Cross Country FAQ's

Q: Is it mandatory that my athlete attend all practices and meets?

A: Attendance at practice is not mandatory. Many kids do not attend all practices and we encourage parents to decide which days work with their family schedule. Additionally, parents should decide how many days a week is best for their child. Similarly, meets are not mandatory as we understand athletes and their families have competing priorities, and the meets are located outside of the Conejo Valley. We look to nurture the love of running in all athletes regardless of their situation.


Q: Do parents need to volunteer during practices or meets?

A: The TO Flyers Club is a 100% volunteer organization, including coaches. It is critical that parents volunteer during practices to help keep our runners safe on the trails. Opportunities to volunteer include running, walking, biking, even standing on the trails or paths. For safety reasons, runners 8 years and under MUST be accompanied by an adult (18 yrs +) at all times during practice.  


Q: How do we qualify to get our volunteer deposit refunded?

A: Volunteer deposits will be refunded at the end of the season to all families who complete at least 18 hours during the regular season. TO Flyers XC practices and meets both count toward this total.

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