2023 Registration & Family Discount Code

Welcome to our new website! We hope you find it very informative and easy to use. It is set up to be fully functional from your smartphone, tablet, and/or computer.

1. Use the "Account Set Up" button to view instructions on how to set up your Crossbar Account then click the "Registration" button. See family discount information below.

2. During registration, you can send email invites to other family members so they can access schedules, messaging, chats, and sign up for volunteer assignments. It's important that all volunteers are added to the original account so hours completed will be calculated per family.

3. You will receive a confirmation email after you've successfully registered your child.

4. Multi-Child Families: Check the confirmation email after registering your first child to get the family discount code for all additional children you will be registering. A $25 discount will be applied and the additional $200 volunteer deposit will be waived.

5. For enhanced communication...Check out the mobile app instructions link above.

If you have any general questions email club@TOFlyers.org: For volunteer questions, see FAQ's under Parent Resources. If you can't find the answer to your question, email DOV@TOFlyers.org