Preseason Training

Preseason/core training starts Tuesday, January 7th at 5:15 at Acorn Acres Park (the park next to TOHS).

Practice will be held every week on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15 - 6:30 until regular season practice begins in February.

Meet by the sand volleyball court behind the gym building under the soccer field lights. All are welcome, parents and athletes to come and get ready for track season. Sprinters, hurdlers, field events, Distance and interested friends, brothers and sisters are invited. Please dress warmly and bring a beach towel or yoga mat to practice on.

Coaching will be by Coach Daniels (TO Flyer’s director of Coaching) and Coach Caldwell, (Flyer distance coach and TO High school XC and track strength and conditioning coach). We will be also assisted by Coach Cooper (distance) and possibly some special guest appearances by college, and High school track athletes and other program alumni .