Coach Daniels has been coaching and training athletes in the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m for over 16 years. He has coached over 55 Ventura County champions, 16 All-Americans, and 7 National champions in youth track. He has also assisted in coaching many Olympic athletes, most notably Khadevis Robinson to the London Olympics in 2012 (800m USA) with Coach Dr. Little, (Frank Hinckson) who ran the 400m for Great Britain in the 72’ Munich Olympics.

Coach Daniels trained as a youth runner with Lazlo Tabori (the third man to break the four-minute mile barrier), who helped Robb set several national youth records in the 880 yds.

For the last 14 years, coach Daniels has been mentored as a coach by his personal hero, Dr. Little. Dr. Little’s coach was Franz Stampfl who was Roger Bannister's coach (the first man to break the 4 min mile barrier). “All my coaching comes from those three men and what I learned from my own experiences being a runner. I ran on a scholarship at Pepperdine University, where I graduated with a BA degree in Economics and Political Science”.

Bannister's coach Stampfl coached a bit differently.  He did not believe in high mileage, which at the time and still to this day, most coaches mistakenly believe to be the best for training.  He shocked the running world with his program, of low mileage and high-quality reps of interval training for Bannister, who at the time, was in medical school and had limited time to train with his studies. Stampfl proved with numerous runners that his system worked, it did not injure or burn out runners, and was very successful in getting athletes to achieve their personal best. He coached Dr. Little to the 72’ Munich Olympic games and was instrumental in helping coach Little cultivate a passion for the running program and coaching in his style and manner.

Coach Daniels is one of three coaches on the Flyer's staff who have a USATF level 1 certification. He is currently working on coaching certifications with USATF and IAAF which will enable him to coach at the Olympics and World Championships. He did not make it there as a runner, but by gosh, he is going to get there one day!  Every season in practice he now tells the kids his goals and asks them, "Who is going with me?!!"