The Thousand Oaks Flyers is an all-volunteer organization. We depend greatly on our parents to help with non-meet day and meet day roles. During a meet, we need approximately 120 volunteers (including coaches) to ensure it runs safely and efficiently and also allow parents time to relax & support their athletes. Volunteering provides positive role models for our athletes, a great quality meet for them to excel in, and a top-notch youth track & field club for our local community.

The Thousand Oaks Flyers is an all volunteer organization. We depend greatly on parents to help the club and meets run smoothly. Without the help of our volunteers we would not be able to continue in our support of the community.

Sign Ups

Volunteer sign-ups will be online and open as soon as you register. They are on a first come, first serve basis. Instructions on how to sign up as well as descriptions of positions are listed below. You may choose to do one or multiple shifts at a time. More than one family member can work to complete your hours quickly. Any siblings who want to help out with your volunteer hours must have prior approval by the Director of Volunteer Operations or another Board member.

Some positions that require special training/experience need BOD approval. These are blocked from general sign up. If you’re interested in one of these, email the Director of Volunteer Operations (

Requirements for Volunteer Deposit Refund

You must complete a minimum of 15 hrs during the "Regular Season", AND volunteer at any “Extra Meets” that your athlete participates in (JV Finals, Varsity Finals, Co-Conference Championships). Please keep this in mind as you sign up for volunteer roles.

Invitational and Championship Meets (Extra Meets)

These meets are not part of the regular season meets and therefore DO NOT count towards the minimum hours for the refund. Please keep this in mind as you sign up for volunteer roles. If your child participates in these extra meets you are required to volunteer. Shifts are shorter than regular season meets, especially when everyone helps out. If you fail to do so, your deposit will automatically be forfeited, even if you have completed your 15 hrs.

Each club MUST provide volunteers at these extra meets. Sign-ups will be separate from the home meets and will be added to the site as soon as we know our club assignment. We will incur a fine of $250 if we don't have enough volunteers, so it's VERY important that everyone help out.

Volunteer Positions

Non-Meet Day

Fundraising & Grant Proposals (needs BOD approval)
Uniform sorting
Uniform distribution
Apparel sales @ practices
Awards Picnic: planning, supplies shopping, set-up, serving, clean up
Concession Shopper/Food Prep/Delivery (needs BOD approval)

Meet Day

Duties: Responsible for selling apparel during first half of meet at home meets and weekday shifts during practices for the first few weeks. Basic math skills required.

Physical requirements: Standing, some seated, light lifting, shade.

Duties - Responsible for setup and cleanup of station, food prep and sales

Physical requirements - Standing, basic math skills, light lifting, shaded

Data Entry & Scanning
Duties: Responsible for checking in athletes, communicating with the Timing/Results & Staging areas, and keeping notes to help Timing/Results accurately judge each heat. 1 - enter/remove/delete athletes in the meet manager program 1 - obtaining info from athletes and runner between staging & timing.

Physical requirements: Mostly seated in the staging tent (shade).

Finish Line
Duties: Lap counting, changing lap board & bell ringer, direct/assist distance runners off the field, record finishing order of distance runners, monitor that sprinters stay in lanes (100/200/400/relays), direct them off the track, & help with timing, if needed.

Physical requirements: Walking/Standing (not shaded)

First Aid & Water Station
Duties: Administer first aid & any emergency care. Notify volunteer tent & meet manager of any need for back up from EMS. Monitor flow of water station and request refills of ice and water as needed.

Training requirements: Medical background, Current CPR, AED, & First Aid training

Physical requirements: some lifting, bending, standing, sitting, in shaded area

Gate Monitors
Duties: Responsible for admitting authorized individuals into the track area when the track is clear and preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing the infield. Also responsible for helping to direct the flow of athletes across the track to exit the area when the track is clear. maintaining area, so trash doesn’t get on the track.

Physical requirements: Standing, opening & closing the gate (not shaded),

High Jump
Duties: Responsible for corralling athletes, directing the flow of competition, placing/replacing the high jump bar, measuring and recording jumps.

Physical requirements: Standing (minimal shade), bending, lifting, and reaching.

Long Jump
Duties: Responsible for corralling athletes, directing the flow of competition, watching for faults and other technical issues, raking sand pit, measuring and recording jumps.

Physical requirements: Standing (min. shade), bending/stooping, lifting, & reaching.

Shot put
Duties: Responsible for organizing athletes and the flow of competition, watching for faults and other technical issues, measuring throws.

Physical requirements: Standing, stooping/bending (min. shade), bending, lifting, & reaching.

Duties: Transporting tents and other equipment from storage bins to stations. Setting up tents, tables, and other equipment, as well as, hurdle placement/adjustment during the meet.

Physical requirements: Early Riser!! Ability to lift, carry, adjust equipment, and move quickly.

Duties: Corralling, applying numbers, escorting to start line, assist with line judging

Physical requirements: Standing and walking (some shade)


Bleachers/Outside Track: Responsible for breakdown and removal of team tents and any equipment set up outside the field. Checking bleachers for lost and found and taking recycling out of bins for pick up.

Field Events: Responsible for removal and storage of high jump and long jump event equipment and tents. Covering the high jump pit, raking and covering the long jump pits and picking up trash/recycling from around the infield.

Staging/Timing: RResponsible for removal and storage of all tents, tables, chairs and flooring at timing and staging area. Also remaining hurdles and any other equipment from the infield.

Physical requirements: Standing, lifting, and carrying. Not shaded.

Volunteer Check In
Duties: Responsible for setup and clean-up of station (excluding tent and tables), distribution & collection of radios and name tags, volunteer check-in and out, work with Event/Station Coordinators and Meet Manager to ensure proper staffing, enter hours into computer spreadsheet, and maintain lost and found on meet day.

Physical requirements: Standing and seated, light lifting, shade.

Volunteer Signup

We've tried to make signing up for volunteer positions as easy as possible. This year we are using a new system that will allow you to select your volunteer shifts online. The shift are first come, first serve.

To select your volunteer position and shift follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account using the same username and password used when registering your athlete(s). If you don't remember your password you can reset it here
  2. Once you are logged in, make sure you are the "Account Dashboard" page. If you are not, click the "My Account Link".
  3. From the "Account Dashboard" page, click the "Volunteer Signup" button.
  4. On "Volunteer Signup" page make sure to select the meet you would like to volunter for.
  5. Then, click the box for the position and shift you would like to volunteer for.
  6. If you would like to volunteer for a non-meet position, select "Non-meet Positions" in the meet seletion drop down menu.