The TO Flyers is organized for the purpose of providing a positive, well-run environment for youths to experience track and field. The committed volunteer coaches strive to educate all children, independent of natural ability, to become familiar with track and field events, improve technically, and gain an increased sense of self-confidence. This mission is achieved through skilled coaching, hard work, well-balanced events and a positive environment.

A Brief Club History
The Thousand Oaks Flyers Youth Track and Field Club was formed in 1980 by Bob McCarter, A 6th-year coach from the Newbury Park Track Club. The Flyers joined the Ventura County Youth Track & Field Conference (VCYTC) in February of 1981. Back then the Flyers started with 50 boys and girls representing all age groups. Beginning in March of the same year a cross country team was added. In 1984 the Flyers sent a team of 5 youth girls to the Junior Olympic National Championships and returned with the National title. In the late 1980’s the Flyers hosted an invitational meet which included over 20 teams from all over Southern California. Several teams of 15 - 20 athletes have been sent to the Track City Invite in Eugene Oregon and other postseason meets in which our athletes placed well. In the early 2000’s the club reached over 300 registered athletes which today stands as the maximum number allowed by the VCYTC. The Flyers have continued to send qualified competitors to regional and National competitions with good results.

Most importantly, during the Flyers 33-year history, we have strived to be true to our number one priority, Providing the best possible experience along with a safe competitive environment for Conejo Valley’s young athletes. Click here to read the T.O. Flyers Bill of Rights for Young Athletes.

Club Affiliation
The Thousand Oaks Flyers Track Club is a registered team of the non-profit Ventura County Youth Track Conference (VCYTC).

The other clubs in this conference are:

  • Camarillo Cosmos
  • Heritage Valley Blazers
  • Moorpark Striders
  • Newbury Park Panthers
  • Ojai Roadrunners
  • Oxnard Stars
  • Ventura Tigres

Your registration fee is used to pay for such items as insurance, equipment, facility usage fees, awards, and supplies. The uniform you purchase is yours to keep.

Registration must be completed by the first practice to participate. No refunds after the first meet.

Age Group Classifications
The Flyers is organized into age group teams determined by birth year and further divided into boys and girls teams as follows (Age groups listed are for the 2017 competition year):

Age Group Birth Year

  • Gremlin 8U (GG, GB) 2010 - 2011
  • Bantam 9-10 (BG, BB) 2008 - 2009
  • Midget 11-12 (MG, MB) 2006 - 2007
  • Youth 13-14 (YG, YB) 2004 - 2005
  • Intermediate 15-16 (IG, IB)* 2002 - 2003

Intermediate participants may not compete in a High School Track Program.

Practices are held from Monday through Friday at the Thousand Oaks High School track. Practice times will vary from day to day. Note: not all coaches choose to hold practice every day. Practice is held Make sure your child’s coach is on the field before leaving your child at practice and pick up your child promptly at the end of practice.

Meets & Competition
All meets begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. Your coach will tell you the specific time you are to report to a meet for your child to begin warming up. Most meets will last until mid afternoon. Please come prepared, with warm clothing for your child to wear between events, water or juice, and a sack lunch.

Each age group team competes against the same age group teams from opposing clubs. To ensure fair competition, each age group team is divided into both Junior Varsity and Varsity classes. At the end of the regular season, there are separate finals meets for Junior Varsity and Varsity athletes. Varsity standards are established for each event in each age group and gender. An athlete may compete in the Varsity final if he or she has met the Varsity standard for that event during a regular season meet. If the Varsity standard has not been met the athlete will compete at the Junior Varsity final meet. The final meet of the year is the Co-Conference Championships, which includes athletes from both the VCYTC & SCYTFC, to determine the male and female county champion in each event for each age group. An athlete must compete at the Varsity Final meet and achieve a qualifying mark to be eligible to enter and compete at the Co-Conference Championships.

Track Etiquette
Only coaches, athletes and officials who are participating in the events may occupy the field during the meet. The track may not be crossed anywhere on the home straight.

The Thousand Oaks Flyers uniform (shirt and shorts) must be worn at all meets, but not to practice (except for picture day). Shorts, T-shirts, or tank top, and running shoes should be worn to practice. A sweat suit or warm-up pants and jacket are also recommended at practice and meets to avoid cooling down too quickly after a workout or race.

Running Shoes
Each athlete must provide his or her own running shoes. The shoe you select for your child should be specially designed for running (i.e. no aerobic, multi-purpose or basketball shoes). The cost of shoes can vary greatly. Some of the local merchants offer discounts on shoes and other running gear for Flyers members. If you are new to the program, you may wish to consult with your child’s coach before selecting a shoe.

Spikes: Spikes may improve speed and running form, but are not required. Once your child’s events have been determined, discuss with your coach which kind of spikes are best. Used spikes may be available from other team members who have outgrown them. Spikes are not permitted during the first 2 weeks of practice. When spikes are allowed at practice, they should be treated with extra care. Spikes are only worn for that part of practice that requires them, then removed. A non-spiked shoe must be worn to and from practice.

Note: Gremlins are not allowed to wear spikes at any time during practice or meets.

All facilities in the VCYTC permit only needle or pyramid spikes 3/16 inch or less. You risk disqualification if you are caught competing wearing spikes larger than 3/16 inches.